22 April 2013

The Time I Met My Look-alike

Though my face is not too common, I have now and then met people with whom I share a facial resemblance. None of that felt eventful enough to write about, until recently when I bumped into a lookalike of mine in a train journey. What I want to share is not the surprise of meeting a doppelganger but some of the things that I learnt through him.

So, I was taking a three hour train journey to home once. The seats were full and I was standing in the corridor space between the seats. It was a passenger train and my compartment was not a sleeper compartment. It meant that there were just rows of seats facing each other at my waist height with no middle or upper berths. So when I stood I could look around and see the whole compartment without any obstructions in my line of sight except for the fellow passengers.

Then at a particular station a group of people who all seemed to be family boarded the train. There were women and men, both old and young besides a few children and teenagers. In total, there were about 10 or 15 members in that group of relatives. They probably were going to attend some family function or were returning from one. They all assumed standing positions in front of me on the other side of the door at scattered locations.

Now, when I travel alone, I usually get a bit bored and horny. I am not sure if the latter arises out of the former or if they both occur independently of each other. So, what I do is that I seek out female passengers around me and take the pleasure of looking at the ones I find attractive or do-able. I would never behave inappropriately or cause disturbance to them by staring. I just fantasise about seducing them and having sex with them. When I select my fantasy partners I don't really care about their age or marital status as long as they are attractive to me. Sometimes when I look at those women, our eyes would strike and I keep returning my look to see if it was just an accident or if they are checking me out too.

Usually there is no sure way to find out if they are looking at me too. After all, we are in the finite space of a train compartment and its only normal that our lines of sight may cross each other while trying to kill time with nothing much to do. Also, I suspect that sometimes a woman gets flattered that she is being looked on by a nice guy and she may be trying to confirm that suspicion. It doesn't mean she is interested, it just means that she is reassuring herself of her looks. But while all this happens, my brain will be reprocessing memories of the stories in the porn magazines I read, of how a guy got lucky with a stranger woman and of the tales told by my friends about slutty women they know. So I look at them with hopeful eyes, but nothing ever happens beyond looking. I kind of give the vibe of a decent and innocent guy and I assume these thirsty looks mostly go unnoticed by the woman and others around me.

So, I did my usual thing and scooped around for a woman to look at, in the newly arrived group of relatives. I tried to grab eye contact with the two teen girls in the group but they rarely looked my way. Then I found a young married woman in the group. I found her sexy. I glanced at her a bit and felt like she was throwing glances at me too. Maybe she was reassuring herself that she was still attractive despite starting to age. I didn't care as long as I could exchange glances with her till we departed.

Then as I was going about with this, a guy entered the compartment at a station. He stood right next to me and I instantly noticed that he looked very much like me. We both were of the same height, had the same physique, skin tone, hair, face everything! He even had the exact same nose which I always thought was something unique to me. He might have been a bit younger. I thought of talking to him and discussing how much we resembled each other. He also seemed to have noticed the similarity as he too looked at me a few times with curiosity. I thought I should take a photo with him and then post it to facebook to amuse my friends.

A few minutes passed and I decided against speaking to him. I guess it felt a bit weird to suddenly talk to someone and to say to him that we looked the same. I looked around and wondered if the people around were also thinking that we looked like twins. I liked the shirt that he was wearing. It was exactly the kind of shirt that I would like to buy. I felt that he might be a little more handsome than me. Then I glanced at his toes through his sandals, and assured myself that my toes were better looking.

Then I found the biggest similarity between us. He was also throwing glances at the young married woman that I was looking at till then. It seemed that we both had similarity in character, level of horniness and the type of women. I noticed that she was returning his glances too. I felt that I should step out and let them carry on. I looked away and yawned as if I no longer cared about her. There were a few people between us and the woman, which occasionally obstructed the view. I wondered if she got me confused with him, as she may not be able to see both of us together at the same time.  Anyway, my look alike was looking at her with the sexual thirst in his eyes that was all too familiar to me. When I observed him, I realised that this was exactly how I looked when I was throwing discreet glances to women. He, like me, probably thought that he was being discreet, while it was all too obvious to anyone who looked, that the guy was fishing for the woman.

I felt embarrassed about all the times I did the same thing thinking that my nice guy persona made me free from suspicion from others as to how horny I was. But this was an eye-opener. Standing beside my look-alike like a mirror reflection, I realised that I was not nearly as smart and cunning as I thought I was. (Sigh)

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