12 November 2012

A List of The Sexiest Moments In Bollywood History

Due to the conservative nature of the Indian society, there aren't many memorable sexual or nude scenes in mainstream Bollywood movies. The unnecessarily strict censorship rules, do little to help, when the censor board chops off such scenes made by bold directors. I think this has stunted the growth of Indian cinema as the film makers can't push the envelope, but have to play within the strict framework of rules. So, instead of actual nudity or sex, what the audience receive are 5 minute item songs with suggestive lyrics which feels juxtaposed against the film. Lately some films are even including more than one item song to turn up a profit in the box office. Anyway, here is a list of some scenes from Bollywood films which I find sexy. Most of them are songs, and may not be that hot, but this is all that we have at this stage of evolution of Bollywood.

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1) The song 'Dilbar Shikdum' from Dhoom (Rimi Sen)


2) The song 'Gale Lag Ja' from De Dana Dan (Katrina Kaif)


3) The song 'Mujhko Neend Aa Rahi hai' from Ajnabee (Kareena Kapoor)


 4) The song 'Jiya Jale' from Dil Se (Preity Zinta)

5) The song 'Jab Chaye Mera Jadoo' from Hattrick (Rimi Sen)


 6) The song 'Allah Miya' from Hawas (Meghna Naidu)


7) The song 'Hoth Rasiley' from Welcome (Malaika Arora)


8) The movie Boom (Katrina Kaif, Padma Lakshmi)

9) The song 'Main Heroine Hoon' from Heroine (Kareena Kapoor)


10) The song 'Sun Suniyo' from Musafir (Koena Mitra)


11) The song 'Aye Dil Ye Bata' from Julie (Neha Dhupia)


12) The song 'Babuji Zara Dheere Chalo' from Dum (Yana Gupta)


13) The movie Kyaa Kool Hai Hum


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