29 October 2012

My Encounters With A Prostitute

Post continued from A Keralite Teenager's Attempts To Have Sex

The Turning Point

After all these fruitless attempts, I decided to take control and do something. I had a habit of going to the city on Saturdays and roaming through the streets all by myself. I used to walk so much and I didn't bother about getting tired, as I liked the city, its crowd, its sights, the hot girls and everything. While walking through the road, I made my plan. An empty auto rickshaw was coming in my direction. It was a return ride, meaning that the auto, after dropping off its passenger at their destination was heading back to the auto stand. So, if you were to call that ride and get off at a place on the way of their return journey, you need to pay only the bus fare corresponding to the distance. Usually Rs.5 was enough. So, I showed my hand and got into it. The driver asked me "Where to?". I said I will tell him soon. After a few seconds, I casually asked him if he knew any place where I could get a woman. He didn't seem to be shocked, but was still a little taken aback. He said he did not know any such place. I then asked him to stop and I got off the ride.

I walked a little and got into another auto to try my luck again. The driver was a little plump and had dark skin. I repeated my question. He was a really nice guy. He said that he knew about it and would take me there. On the way, I asked him how much it would cost. He replied that Rs.500 would be enough including the room. I thought that it was a very good deal. In these days of inflation, Rs.500 for a female body on rent sounded like a bargain. I asked if the charge was for one hour. He said that it wasn't based on time but was charged at the rate of one shot. (One shot meant one male ejaculation). He said that one shot was enough for customers. They just wanted a quick relief. He added that one shot was all most would be able to do anyway. I didn't want to do it that way since it was my first time and I would probably cum too early. I made a mental note to emphasise to the woman that I needed an hour of time for my money instead of the usual per-shot payment system. After driving for a few seconds he looked out and said that there is one woman who usually can be seen at that particular spot. He said she wasn't there today. He then said he will take me to another place. Though I tried to keep my cool, I probably showed signs of tension. He smiled and asked me if I usually do this. I admitted that it was the first time. He laughed and said that one should try things like that earlier on itself. I defended by saying I am not that old and I am actually only in college. He then advised that one just needs to keep in mind to use a condom. He said that no one knows what kind of people come there and what sorts of disease one could get. I said I didn't have a condom and that he should stop at a medical store for me to buy one. He said that wasn't necessary as the woman would have it with her.

We then reached the place and he sided the auto at a small distance after the junction. He looked out and seeing him, two dark-skinned women approached. I got a rush of excitement as I was seeing prostitutes for the first time in my life. They talked to the driver and they seemed to know each other. The driver had a little friendly chit chat with them. Both of them were dressed in cheap looking sarees and carried handbags. One was tall and plump. Not my type, but I can guess that many men would actually prefer the bigger woman. She wasn't good looking. The other in contrast was slim and little short. She wasn't much good looking either but had a figure that I preferred. Her eyes looked dull. I wondered if the people at the bus stop were staring at us. I didn't care as no one would bother to cause any trouble as I had this reliable driver. He drove through these streets for a living and wouldn't have taken me there if he expected any such trouble from the moral police. I enquired about their rate. They said it would be Rs.300. The driver said that I didn't have a place. I informed them that I had only Rs.500 to spend in total including the rent and that I needed one hour of time. He then asked me which one of the two women I wanted. I took a look. The slim woman looked expressionless and was biting her lips. It seemed to me that she was feeling a little uneasy standing there as a choice while I made my decision. I pointed my finger at her and said that she will do. Immediately, the other woman half smilingly told the driver that she was taking off anyway.

The woman I picked got into the auto. They discussed where we should go. She first suggested a place and then withdrew it saying that it was too late to go there. She said that we should have come before it was this late. This confused me. It was just 6.00 PM. I thought that their work wouldn't begin till it was night. I asked her what was the right time. She replied it would be around 3.00 PM. I guessed it was probably to avoid suspicion by others if she went around at night. It would also avoid getting caught by the police, I thought. They then decided there was only one lodge they could go to. She initially didn't like the idea as it was near an auto stand and the 'scoundrel drivers' would pass comments at her as they knew her, but quickly agreed as there were no other options. I asked how much the room would cost and she replied that it will be around Rs.300. On the way, the driver asked about the other woman whom he had tried to find the first time. He mentioned her as the 'little one'. She replied that she usually would be there at this time or would have already found a customer. She said in amusement that though she looked little, she was actually as old as herself.

I then asked if she had a condom. She said she had it and she always carried them with her. She said that no one can know when one could catch diseases and therefore she always had the 'Nirodh' condom. Her care for safe sex was a relief for me. She talked in a very plain and friendly way and I liked that. I thought about groping her breasts inside the auto. But then decided against it. I felt excited. I thought of all the beautiful women that I always saw on TV and films. All their virtual teasing would finally end and I would actually experience the mysterious joy of sex.

The driver dropped us off at a distance from the place. I asked how much his fare was. I expected him to charge extra for his help in finding the woman. But, he was a very nice chap and only asked for Rs.50, which was just a little more than the actual fare. I didn't have the exact change. I gave him a hundred and didn't expect him to give the balance since he was so helpful for me. Still, being the good guy he is, he said that he didn't have change either and asked me to adjust it with her rate, implying that they meet often and would settle it later.

After the auto left, she said that we shouldn't go together. She told me the name of the lodge and its location. She asked me to walk in and order tea. She would later come in and talk with the manager about the room and I should pay him when she signals me to. I went there and sat at the restaurant which occupied the ground floor of the lodge. I felt like James Bond on an undercover mission and kept my cool and sat back on the chair, relaxed. I ordered a coffee. While I was sipping the hot coffee, she entered and quickly talked with the man at the counter. She then walked past me to the back side of the restaurant and on her way, asked me to pay him.

Without looking back I reached the counter. I asked him how much and he replied Rs.300. After paying he gave me the keys and said that the room was on the second floor. He looked a little tense and asked me to finish it quickly. I told him that it would take one hour. Then I looked back and saw the woman was standing at the bottom of the staircase near the kitchen, at the back of the restaurant. There was another similar staircase in the front. She signalled me to meet her upstairs. We took the separate staircases.

I got a little lost trying to find the room. I mistook the first floor to be the second floor. It was a common mistake. Some people count the ground floor to be the first floor. I don't do it. But, most people here do, and I thought that the manager might have also counted the floor likewise.  I was walking from one door to another looking for my room number when I saw her at the other end of the corridor and she called me towards her. She said that the room was on the upper floor and we went there together. The lodge was okay. A normal one, nothing fancy. The corridor was a little dark and I liked it because it made the place look a little mysterious.

We locked into the room. It was time. She removed the top portion of her saree, revealing her blouse and asked me to take off my clothes. The thing is that though I liked her friendly nature, I didn't find her sexually attractive. It was not because she was a prostitute. I didn't have an issue with that. It's just that I didn't like her physical appearance. I didn't feel like doing it with her. I said that I changed my mind. She asked me if it was because I didn't like her looks. Though that was the truth, I didn't want to offend her and denied that. I just told her that I wasn't sure about the whole thing from the start. She said it was okay. Since I didn't mind seeing her naked, I told her she could remove her clothes. She didn't like that idea and said why she should simply pose like a nude statue. I then told her that I just wanted to talk a little. She agreed to that.

I asked her name. After hearing her name, I thought how ironic it was. The literal meaning of her name in our language was 'born in prosperity'. I asked her age. She said she was 35. I asked how long she has been in this field. She answered that its been 2 years. I remember reading somewhere on the net about recognising a prostitute by looking at which hand she wears her watch. I asked if that was true, and she replied there was no such thing. Stupid internet rumour, I thought. I asked her how she came to this job. She said that her husband was paralysed and his medicine costed her plenty of money. She added that she has two children. The elder one was a girl and the younger one a boy. The son was in school, but he was stupid. He barely went to class. He just hangs around with friends and doesn't do anything useful for the family. But, her daughter was studying for nursing outside the state. She was her only hope. She needed money to pay the daughter's tuition fee and hostel fees and had therefore taken the job.

I asked how the job was. She said that it was okay. She said that the number of customers had slightly declined due to the recession. She said that some of them would take her out to eat and buy her Biriyani. She said she always took care to use a condom. But, sometimes it might break and some of the men would be in so much heat that they would just want to finish the thing. That's why she always used Nirodh which was a government issued brand of condom and wouldn't break easily like the other ones. I asked her what sorts of people came to her. She said that different sorts of people came, including even a doctor.

I told that it must be mostly middle aged men. She said that young people, even school students studying in class VIII had come to her. I told her that was very unexpected and asked what would prompt them to do it. She said it was probably because they, after watching porn, wanted to imitate that. She narrated how once she was together with one such boy and while jerking him off, his foreskin broke making blood to come and it was messy. She concluded that she had seen plenty of different customers, but one like me who just wanted to talk was the first. She said that if I didn't want to do it, she could give me a hand job. I smiled hearing that and said that it was okay.

She then asked about me. I told her that I was in college. She asked if I had a girlfriend. When I said no, she said that I was lying. I said that I wasn't. I told her that I was very shy in talking to girls and having a girlfriend looked a distant possibility. She said that it was sad and that one should have a fun when they are in college. She said she fooled around and had fun when she was studying. "Isn't it a chance to fool around a little and to do a little groping and all?", she said tickling my chest.

I then asked her to kiss me. She closed her eyes and brought her face close. I kissed her, but it wasn't much good. It was my first kiss, but it didn't cause any arousal. It didn't look like she knew what she was doing. After that we both washed our mouths and I couldn't help thinking how funny it was that a prostitute didn't know how to give a good kiss. Her customers were probably not into such things but only into the actual process of sex.

She asked me if it was all. I said that it was all and asked how much I should pay her. She said Rs.300. I tried to bargain, but she said that it was the lowest rate. I said that I had planned to spend only Rs.500. She said that she could have arranged it within Rs.500 at the other place that she had thought of taking me. But here, they wouldn't lower the rent of Rs.300. I said okay, and paid her. I then said bye and left.

I had forgotten about the Rs.50, that the driver asked me to adjust with her. I got into the bus and only then it occurred to me that my purse was empty. I was counting on that Rs.50 to pay for my ticket. Thankfully, I saw a friend on the bus and asked him to pay for my ticket. Thank God, I thought, or it would have been problematic.

Meanwhile I read in an adult magazine about a racket that operated around the K.S.R.T.C bus stands in the towns. The pimps lured in passengers who awaited the connecting buses late night in the station. After payment, the prostitutes took the clients to the nearby construction sites of buildings for sex. But instead of having sex they and their accomplices would rob the client of his money. Since the robbery happened while trying to engage in sex with a prostitute, no one could make any police complaint out of shame. I realised that it was not just STDs that one should be concerned about while dealing with prostitutes.

The Advice

A few weeks later, I came back to the city again, to find a more attractive woman than the last time. I hadn't taken any contact numbers the last time. This meant that I would have to start again. I got into an auto and asked where I could find a woman. He was a young guy with blood shot eyes like that of an alcoholic. He seemed taken aback and said he didn't know any such place.

I got into another auto and repeated the question. This one was another young driver who seemed understanding. He smiled and said that he knew those women but asked if I really wanted to do it. He introduced himself and asked about me and we became acquainted. He asked me if I would listen to what he wanted to say and that he would take me to where I needed after that. We pulled to the side of a pocket road.

He said that I was being so impulsive due to my young age. He said that we could not trust these women and that no one knew what sorts of people came to them and what diseases they carried. He asked me if I can't find someone other than a prostitute to have sex. He asked me if there weren't any like-minded girls in my college. I said that I didn't know about that since I didn't have the skill in getting close to them. He said I was handsome and had a good physique and that I could easily get laid if I wanted to. I laughed feeling flattered by his compliments. He said that he was serious and if he had my looks he would be having all sorts of fun fooling around with girls. He recalled the local saying that 'God doesn't give the stick to the person who knows to throw it'.

He said that having sex by seducing someone was far better. He said that right now he is married and has a  kid. He elaborated that it was a love marriage and that his wife belonged to different caste and therefore she had to run away from her home to get married to him. He said that he had gone to college and even appeared in a role in a popular movie. But after marriage, he had taken up this job to feed his family. He said that he was a one woman man now, but he did have his fun when he was young.

He said that in his neighbouring house, there lived a woman whose husband worked abroad in the Gulf. She was friends with his family and therefore he used to go there to sleep at night, for the sake of providing security from thieves who could target the house seeing that a woman lived alone there. He said that he soon became close to her and that he regularly had sex with her. He described that she was young and had the figure like the old actress Geeta. Now, I don't know if the dude was making up this story or not, as similarly themed stories of a teenager getting lucky with someone's wife who lived alone was a common story in many porn magazine publications. Anyway, I didn't bother probing him to test the validity of his story.

He asked me if I had any aunts as my relatives who would be interested in sex with me. I straightway answered no, as the whole notion was absurd for me, since I can't see any of them in that angle. He then told me about his friend, a college guy like me, who was living alone in his apartment and had parents working abroad. The dude had plenty of cash and often brought his girlfriend to his apartment and did it. He advised me that I should also try something like that. During our conversation I saw a young woman working in a nearby shop come out a couple of times to do something. I wondered if I could seduce her like he said. Would be nice, I thought.

He then asked me if I watched porn. I said that I did. He said that jerking off after watching a nice porn was as good as sex. I don't think that he completely believed that I watched porn. He asked me if I needed any porn videos. He said that he could just send it to my phone. I said that I was fine. He then asked me if I could send him a few such videos that I had with me. The thing is that I had damaged my phone's memory card a long while back. I told him about that and assured him that I had enough porn on my computer.

He told me that I shouldn't walk around with the mindset to do a prostitute because if I were to get AIDS, my whole life would get destroyed. He said that even my family would abandon me, due to the stigma. I then agreed to his advise and he dropped me off to the bus stand. I paid him Rs.100 to cover for the time he lost talking to me. We exchanged phone numbers and he said he will let me know if he finds a girl who is looking to fool around and have fun. I thanked him and left.

I did consider implementing his well-intended advise. But I was too set in my ways and still continued to be reserved. Plus, most of the girls were too studious, and immature for sex. The ones that were a little slutty already had boyfriends and the few ones who didn't, wasn't my type. This situation didn't give me much options but to either suppress my sexual urges for the years till marriage or to do it with a prostitute. I felt that the latter was the better choice, emotionally and physically, as long as I took protection. After all, the suppressed sexual urge was only making me desperate. I thought that I will do it once and then I will be in a lot more peace.

The Return

So, I went to the city again. After my last experience I decided not to trouble any of the drivers. I had forgotten to note which junction it was that I picked up the woman the last time. I went around trying to spot it. I even hung around bus stops waiting for a prostitute to show up. Since they were expected to be poor, I stared at women in cheap clothes, trying to see if they were inviting me for business. But, I didn't have any luck that way. Most of them were regular working women who left the stop when their bus came. On my wanderings I saw young college couples in shopping malls, multiplexes and coffee shops. I remembered the auto driver's advice when I used to see them.

Then one day, I spotted that same old prostitute, and only then I realised that I had finally found that old spot again. I had passed through that place many times but hadn't recognised it earlier. She looked the same but was wearing a Churidar. A man was standing right next to her and was staring right at her face. I thought that he was a prospective customer and I decided to wait. But that middle aged man just kept staring and she was looking away in another direction. I felt that he was an unsure customer. He probably wasn't sure if she was a prostitute. Since nothing was happening, I walked up to her and asked if she was (her name). She said yes. I asked if we could go then. She asked me to walk forward and that there was a lodge nearby. I kept walking but didn't see any lodge. I looked back and saw her following me at a distance. She gestured that I had walked past the place and beckoned me to walk back to her. I also saw the middle aged man following her. I wondered if he was an undercover cop. If he was, then he seemed highly incompetent as it was obvious that he was tailing her. I wondered if he was trying to catch the two of us in the act. She then showed her hand to an oncoming auto, got into it and picked me up.

After I got in, the auto took a U-turn and she told me that we couldn't go to the lodge nearby. Going past it, she pointed it out to me. It was a little away from the main road and that's why I missed it earlier. She explained to me that there was another woman there. She said that that woman was also a prostitute and that she was trouble. She might inform the police and get us caught. It was so that she could keep that area to herself. Business rivals, I thought in my mind. She said that I would probably know that woman as she was infamous through a case of kidnapping a baby from a hospital. It was in the papers, she said. I told that I hadn't heard about it.

She said that she will try at another lodge which she didn't know for sure if  they would give her a room. We both went in and she asked the manager for a room. He refused without any emotion. She tried persuading him. I just stood there with an expression of a casual smile.

After leaving there, she decided to go to the old lodge itself (where we went last time), which she was always reluctant about. After getting into the room, she asked for the payment upfront. She actually used the word 'kaineetam' which in my language meant the first earning of the day. It is believed that if the 'kaineetam' was given by a person with a good hand, the business for the rest of the day would be good. The literal meaning of 'kaineetam' is 'to offer' or 'bestow'. Thinking about the literal meaning, I mistook that she was talking about my penis and took off my pants. But then I realised she was talking about the money. I chuckled and told her that I thought she was talking about something else. After paying her, she asked me if I wasn't the guy who had changed my mind the last time. I didn't expect her to remember me since it had been a while since that incident. Also, I thought that she probably had many customers, and therefore won't be able to recall me, but she did. We took off our clothes. I was a little body conscious as my chest is a little loose and saggy. I kept my inner shirt. We then did it. It wasn't much good. I just felt a tight sensation on my penis during the act. She was on top, and even after I had cum, I didn't show any signs and she kept going on, wondering why it was taking that much time. She then found out that I kept mum despite cumming and teased me as a liar. I wondered if sex was over-rated. But I guess it was because there was no intimacy. There was no foreplay. (I know, it sounds a bit feminine). And, I didn't even touch her much except a little groping of her breasts. Anyway, I didn't feel disappointed as I was still glad that I had finally lost my virginity. She gave me her mobile number before leaving. But later I decided that I wouldn't be needing it as I didn't want to do it with her again and deleted it from my cell.

The Current Status

I finally got over my issue with talking to girls, all thanks to a close friend who is an awesome wing man. We had a week long camp during the Christmas holidays with plenty of spare time to interact with girls. I finally started talking to girls with help from my friends. Now, I have many good female friends. I still don't have a girlfriend. But I don't feel that old sexual frustration anymore. I guess when I was searching for sex, I was actually thirsty for some female company. That would explain how my friends were never into prostitutes. They had many female friends. So, the advice given by the old auto driver was good. I guess the more suited advise would have been to befriend girls rather than to seduce them. I may still do it with a prostitute again, but I am sure that it would be mostly for fun rather than out of sexual frustration. Nowadays, I feel even more at peace than when I lost my virginity.

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