29 October 2012

A Keralite Teenager's Attempts To Have Sex


As a teenager, I had been wanting to have sex for a long, long time. I used to be very shy with girls and therefore the possibility of getting laid looked very distant. Then I thought about doing it with a prostitute. I didn't feel anything wrong about it. I felt that the society's stigma towards prostitution was vastly unnecessary. What is the big deal? A man wants to enjoy sex with a woman in return for which she would get money. Looked like a very normal business transaction for me. After all, it is something that happens between two individuals in the privacy of their room. Does anyone other than the two people involved, really have any say in that process? And if one were to think openly, isn't sex a beautiful gift of nature? Even in the case of a half hour session with a prostitute, isn't it a temporary form of sharing love and appreciating the beauty of our human forms?

The Search Begins

So, I went to the city and got myself into a cyber cafe. At that time, we had small rooms to give us privacy while surfing the net. Incidentally, this was very convenient for people who wanted to watch porn on the internet. Some took this facility further and would come with their girlfriends to these places and have quiet sex. What some of these couples didn't know then, but had to find out the hard way was that some people had fitted secret cameras in these cabins and would be watching their show. Of course, I knew about all this only when MMS clips of these videos got circulated through the internet. A bit ironic, when you think about it. To use a place offering internet, for sex, only to end up showing it to the whole world through that same medium.

All this ended when some guy who was frustrated after his girlfriend broke up with him, decided to create trouble for her by sending an email from her email address to the country's prime minister threatening to kill him. Suspecting it as a threat from a terrorist organisation, the cyber wing of the police took up the investigation and later caught the guy. It was found that he had sent the email from an internet cafe, so that he wouldn't get caught. To avoid people repeating such offences, besides other new rules, the internet cafes were asked to remove all sorts of concealment and to keep the computers visible to others. The cyber cafe business has been probably never the same again since that.

Anyway, like I said, I was in the cafe before all this stuff happened. So, I had the needed privacy. First I googled about prostitutes in the state. But it showed articles like the one about truck drivers getting AIDS from prostitutes on the highway. Then I googled for call girl services in the city. I found the contact numbers of many female escort services in the state. I saved it on my mobile phone and left the place. I decided to call up and enquire about the rates. I doubted if I could afford it. To protect my anonymity, I called to the number from a public telephone booth. The call was answered by a guy who sounded very friendly. Since I wasn't sure if the number was genuine, I told him that I had gotten the number from the internet. I then asked if he had given his number there. I was a little doubtful if he would admit it straightaway, since the number, if genuine, could be found by anyone including the cops, if only they bothered to google it. But he simply asked under what subject I had seen the number. Since he didn't deny posting his number on the internet, things were easy. I replied with polite hesitation that I saw the number under escort services. Thank God for such a neat sounding name. It doesn't sound sinful like prostitute service or pimping. He admitted to having given the number there. To be sure, I asked what exactly did it mean by an escort service. I had a little doubt in my mind if it literally meant escort service and didn't include anything else. He asked what I thought it was. I asked him if it included everything. He understood my meaning and replied yes, clearing my doubt.

I straight away got to business and asked about the rate. He probably liked that I didn't call to fool around but had straight away gotten into business. He replied that for half an hour it would cost Rs.10,000, Rs.15,000 for an hour and for the full night it would be Rs.20,000. Of course, I didn't have that kind of money. Still, out of curiosity, I asked if this covered the room rent. He clarified that it didn't include any room rent and that they do not provide room facility. He said that it was the customer's responsibility to find the place. I told him that I didn't know any place for this and asked if he could do something. He asked me if I had a car, as that's how most people do it. They would pick up the woman, do it in the vehicle and drop her off. I replied that I didn't have a car. I also told him that I actually didn't have that much money and told him that I am only a college student. I even asked him half jokingly to give me a discount like a student concession. He told me that he could adjust it to utmost Rs.8,000, but not lower than that. He probably thought that I am some rich kid who gets plenty of pocket money and all. The truth was that I had only Rs.1000 which was an allowance given by my NRI uncle to buy new clothes. I said that Rs.8,000 was also out of my reach. He then asked me what rate I had in my mind. I enquired if he could arrange something for Rs.1000. He very politely told me that they weren't dealing with rates of that range. He told that it was different from the services that operated at those rates. He said that their customers were mainly NRIs who came for leave from gulf countries. He said that all the girls were very clean and free from diseases. He said that it was risk free compared to the cheaper prostitutes as one could contract diseases like AIDS from them.

I then asked him if there would be any other trouble like that of getting caught by the police. He said that there were no such issues. He said that he was just selling a product to those who needed it. I felt like he and I were similar minded on the issue and his description of the activity as a marketable product was something I could completely understand. Anyway, I told him that I would contact him later. He told me that if I came to a particular junction, he would bring the women there and I could see for myself if they were worth the money. Since I didn't have the money, I didn't want to trouble the friendly guy and cursing my meagre pocket money in my mind, I said I will call him if I get the money for it. What a nice chap, I thought after hanging up.

(After a few months, a newspaper giant of my state, that had the highest circulation, was starting their own television channel. Their first venture was a News channel. To get noticed and to grab viewers, they played a dirty trick. They presented an investigative report on prime time exposing the internet escort services in our state. Investigative journalism, my ass!, I thought seeing their report. Any idiot could have done it if he knew to use google. The report was purely aimed at creating sensationalism. It included detailed telephone conversations in which the investigative journalists who were posing as prospective clients were flirting with the prostitutes. They didn't shy away from telecasting all the sweet talk with the prostitutes and their giggling. They invited the unsuspecting prostitutes to meet at coffee shops, where the hidden camera shot them and the brokers arriving and the latter negotiating. The videos were telecasted with the faces of the women barely blurred so that the viewers would not be prevented from their voyeuristic pleasure. I wonder what was actually sinful, selling one's body for money or making money by exploiting the exploited? I couldn't understand how the channel was any different than the prostitutes as they both cashed in on man's thirst for sex. I remembered the nice chap with whom I had talked earlier. Wonder if he got caught in the subsequent police investigations.)

Some Other Attempts And Their Outcomes

Since money was a problem I decided not to call any of the similar escort agencies. I then searched for some numbers that promised free or cheap sex. Back then Facebook hadn't got popular here, and instead we had Orkut, which was the first ever social networking site that the youth of my state had come across. There were many fake profiles made in there (Even I made one with the caption 'New Don Juan' after my name to find loose women). Many people created fake profiles to cause harm and embarrassment to their enemies. It had even got media attention and there were news items about the troubles many people, especially women faced when their home landline number was shown in those fake profiles with an invitation for sex. I read that some of these poor women even got calls from foreign countries. Though I knew most of such profiles that promised free sex were fake, I didn't mind trying a few of those numbers. I didn't try the ones that were land phone numbers as they were obviously fake and decided that the only chance if any would be with the mobile numbers. I didn't have much luck there since most of those numbers were no longer in use, most probably abandoned by the users after being troubled by strangers.

Then, I saw a profile of a girl named Kavitha, who claimed to be an NRI living in the U.S. and had come to stay at her home in Kerala. It said that she didn't like the conservative style of our society and wanted male companionship. It was obviously another fake profile, and if it wasn't obvious enough, had included a land phone number instead of a mobile number. Still I called, probably as I loved the name Kavitha. The phone was answered by a middle aged woman. I asked if Kavitha was there. She replied angrily "KAVITHA! PHA!" and disconnected the phone. Poor woman, I thought. Wonder how many such calls she was receiving daily.

I remember another funny incident. I saw a particular number that promised female escorts at a low price. I called the number. It was answered by a young guy like me, and when I asked if the number was posted on the net, he said he will give the phone to the guy in charge of that. I could hear a lot of noise in the background, of guys talking, and I assumed that it was some place like a hostel. The new guy then told me to note a mobile number. He then told to call that number and ask for 'maama', which is slang for pimp in our language. I was taken aback and asked if I can have his name instead of calling him maama. The guy replied that it's okay and that's what everyone called him. I called the number and the voice from the other side said, "Hello, Highway Police". I immediately apologised saying it was a wrong number and disconnected the line. The guys had pranked me! Thank God I didn't ask for maama! When I looked at the number I saw that the 10 digit number had the number 100 repeated twice at the end, which was common for numbers related to the police. He, he.

I also made some calls to the numbers found in the walls of the toilets of bus stands, trains and hotels, because I once read that prostitutes left their numbers at such places to get  customers. Most of the numbers were no longer in use, and one was answered by a guy who asked me if I can do him a favour by striking off that number which was put there by some prankster. Another time, I got a woman when I tried the number who got angry when I told her how I got the number.

Another incident, was meeting a woman in an internet chat room. Her profile said that she was from the city. She said that she was a Muslim and was married and that she had a kid. She said that her husband wouldn't let her go to work and that she was simply bored to death. Within a few minutes we arranged to meet on the next day. She said she would come to a particular spot at 11 AM after dropping off her kid at the playschool. She said that she would wear a red bubble dress. After ending the conversation, I was quite sure that it was someone trying to pull a prank. After all, her profile picture was that of the actress Celina Jaitley. Plus, a bubble dress is not something the women of Kerala can be seen wearing much. Young girls maybe, but it was unlikely for a Muslim woman who had a kid to wear that and to simply go and meet a stranger.

Still, the next day morning, I decided to go, mostly as it was an excuse to go to the city. Of course, no one came. Since it was a bus stop, it wasn't that embarrassing, even if the prankster was watching me, as I just pretended to wait for the bus all along the half hour I waited there. But he probably got a run for his money, when I doubtfully chased a woman who had worn a red churidar and walked through the stop a few times talking on the phone. I wondered if she was looking for me and the talking on the phone was simply a show. But I soon found that it wasn't the case as she just walked away after ending the call. To be sure, I walked a few steps following her and then gave up seeing that she was with someone.

Another attempt that I made was through the marriage classifieds that appeared in the Sunday paper. I looked up the numbers of women who invited proposals for remarriage. I assumed that they would be feeling lonely after their divorce and I called one woman like that and asked a little about her. When she started asking about me, I told that I wasn't old enough for marriage. She then asked if it was for my elder brother. I said that it wasn't the case and that I was seeking friendship. After an awkward pause, she asked in a sharp voice "Friendship?", taken aback by my weird talk. She said that she wasn't interested and hung up.

I even sent group SMS to random numbers seeking friendship, on a midnight. The next day, I received a call from one of those numbers. The guy said that he received a text to his wife's number last night. I quickly thought on my feet and said that I stayed in a rented house with my college friends and that many of them also used my phone. I said that one among them must have done it as a joke. To convince him, I even pretended to call out to my friend and asked him if he had sent any message from my phone last night. I then apologised to the guy. He said that he had a relative in the police. I said that it won't happen again and that if he still wanted to make a case out of it, I didn't know what to do. He said that he didn't intend to file a case or anything but had just mentioned about his relative to say that he could. He said that it was fine and we ended the call amicably.

A Little Relief

The thing that worked better than any of this was a facility provided by my then-network provider of my mobile. They had this mobile site, in which we can search for a name and they would list all the profiles having that name that has been registered with them. They do not allow to include phone numbers in your 'about me' information on your profile. Still, you can message those profiles and ask for their number or offer yours. They charge Rs.3 for every message you send through that. This wasn't economical as I had to send out messages to many girls to get a few replies. But there was one loophole. They still allowed you to use their service and send out messages even if you were at zero balance. Sometimes if you recharged immediately after using the service at zero balance, they would deduct the money. But if you wait for a day after using the service and then recharged, they didn't charge any money.

Since only one profile can be made with a particular SIM card, there were very few fake profiles. I did make friendship with many girls through that. But most of them were from outside the state. Therefore, we just texted each other and I occasionally called them. It was okay since texting was cheap.

The Weirdo

There was one girl from my state with whom I chatted, who was quite slutty. Her life seemed screwed up. She was a Muslim. She had issues with her parents. One day she said that something happened. It was her cousin's birthday. She went to his room to wish him. He asked for his present. She said she didn't have any. He then demanded she should give him some present. When she asked what he wanted, he demanded a kiss. She was taken aback, but said okay. He then kissed her on her mouth and breasts. I don't know if she made up that story. She said she enjoyed it. She then wondered how it would be with me. That's when I understood that she was interested in me. We often talked naughty on the phone and made plans to do it. Her English was broken, and often used the word 'mate' in the context of sex. I found that funny and didn't bother to correct her. For example, I suggested that we go to a movie on the day we meet and that I would make out with her in the theatre. I said that I didn't want to have sex the first time we meet. Her reply was "Why don't you want to mate?" He he.

She was a weird girl. She asked me promise that we would be friends forever, on pretty much the first day of chatting. I never had understood why many male characters shown in movies and television had commitment issues. I couldn't understand why it was so difficult to commit. But when I paused in thought while she asked me to promise, all that was ringing in my ears were the words 'forever'. I lied and promised to her, but I felt that my voice sounded weird in my ears. Then she demanded that each of us should only marry the person that the other approved of. According to her, that way we could still be friends after marriage. I wondered that from which movie she had taken this idea.

The way we broke up was the most weirdest of it all. I asked if she could email me her picture. She said she would and asked if I wanted her nude photo. I was taken aback, but happily said yes to that. She then asked if I would send her mine too. This was a little tricky, but I said okay to that. Then, we got into planning to have sex and she said that she wanted to record the video of us doing it so that she could watch it and enjoy whenever she wanted. I said no to that. She got upset and didn't call me after that. I texted and called her repeatedly but she never answered. I decided that she was crazy and deleted her number. I regretted this later but not even once she tried to contact me again.


There was another chat friend from my state. She wasn't interested in any sex talk. One day we made plans to meet. I went via train and met her at the railway station of her place. It was a super weird meeting that lasted for 10 agonising minutes in front of a couple of women shopkeepers who were curious onlookers of the whole event. I was shy in talking to girls and I didn't know what to talk to her about. She had brought a quiet girl along with her whom she introduced as her classmate. After a few minutes we ran out of topics to talk and to escape from the "what else?" question cycle I asked if she wanted something to drink. She declined. I then bought a bottle of mineral water from one among the two women shopkeepers at the station who were watching the show. This was a really bad move, as my hands were shaking the whole time I was drinking it, causing the water to spill from my mouth and to trickle down my shirt, making me even more uneasy. The girl wasn't good looking and I finished the weird meeting quickly and got on to the very next train back to my place. I later send her texts, apologising for our weird meeting. I explained my issues in interacting with girls and she said that she understood. Since I didn't find her attractive, I slowly withdrew from chatting with her.

A few of the other chat friends were self centred and narcissists. One complained that I was always busy and said that she didn't want to continue our friendship. The truth was that it was just a couple of times that I was late in replying. I explained to her that it was because I was attending my classes, but she didn't care. After breaking up, I sent the teenager a detailed text with a set of advices on friendship, in the form of numbered points.  Another one was always busy praising her own beauty. She said she was so attractive that many boys troubled her on the road and therefore her father had arranged for a bodyguard to protect her.

Among the other chat friends, there were married women too. Some of them were unhappy in their marriage. One of them had to marry a much older man when she was just a teenager. She was the elder child of a poor family and after her father's death, she didn't have any other choice. She already had kids when she was just in her early twenties. I felt bad about her plight and wondered if we really have only one life. The unhappily married women like her just wanted someone to talk to, to escape from their loneliness and were strictly against any sex talk.

I even had a guy friend who got my number through the profile he had created in his wife's name. When he said that he is a guy, I said that I was only looking for female friendship. But he requested me to be his friend. He said that he was a business man and had a wife and two kids. He kept on insisting despite my refusals, making me wonder if he was gay. When I asked about it, he said that he wasn't. To get rid off him, I said I will chat with him if he would pay me. To my surprise he agreed. I asked him for a Rs.100 recharge and he did it to my number. But it didn't continue much as his English was bad and it was difficult for me to communicate with him.

I tried to find satisfaction in the hours-long text chats through my many chat friends. I had created a group of about 20 girls in my mobile whom I used to send the message 'Hi' together at once when I felt like chatting. Many of them would reply together and I would chat with them in parallel. But with the passage of time, the lack of physical presence made the process very boring and I usually had to bring up sudden sexual talk to break up with their virtual friendship. Of course, I could have broken up in other ways, but I wanted to have a little fun with it. This way it was they who broke up with me, and they wouldn't have to feel dumped.

Post continued on My Encounters With A Prostitute.

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